Shower Pressure Restrictor Valve | How to Remove Restrictor and Increase Water Pressure

Showerheads are now sold with a water flow restrictor valve installed. If your shower head does not have a removable flow restrictor valve, then see my other video that shows how to drill the plastic restrictor valve out .You can remove the flow restrictor valve to increase your shower water pressure very easily, right now. This video will show you how to remove the shower water flow pressure restrictor valve. Removal is very easy. Once you remove the restrictor valve from your shower you will enjoy much better water pressure. There are a few other tips in this video that will show you how to increase the performance of your shower head and get better pressure of water flow. Don’t use thread sealant tape between the connection of the handheld shower and hose. The rubber/nitrile washer is all that is needed. Most handheld shower units are made of plastic nowadays. You can split the plastic nut if you put extra material between the threads. (I just had one split the other day from normal use). The rule in plumbing is if there is a washer then don’t use sealant. Typically the threads with washers are standard straight threads, unlike tapered pipe threads. You can use sealant on tapered pipe threads. The 1/2″ pipe thread coming out of the wall for the showerhead is tapered pipe threads so that is where you can use the PTFE thread tape.